Sunday, April 12, 2009


i've been invited by someone
for a destination to setiawan...
i was very happy n excited
but still with a suspicious heart.. heheh
it was on thursday in month of april
which i forgotten the date.. aha
the distance took almost 4 hours ++
including having our late lunch, weewee n woowoo..
the purpose of going is
to send the PC to fifi's auntie's house...
we reached almost maghrib...
and we have some small dinner..
next destination is going to
syikin's house in matang...
we took a supper and shower there..
the time is 12 midnight...
rafi seat on his pilot position again
to take us home this time..
tiredness and sleepyness mood
was surrounding and bothering us
we slept during all the way back
except big bro rafi..
we reached here almost dawn..
thanx guyz for the trip..
i've gained a lot..
always appreciate it..
~all day long


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